Our engravers are capable of very fine engraving on many materials (excluding uncoated metals). Our sign materials shown on other parts of our site as well as many other items. Photographs and other images are reproduced in fine detail. So let your imagination be your guide.

You simply provide us with your image or tell us how to locate it. We will adapt it to the laser's operating parameters. One caution though, when we are directed to online resources they are often very low 72 dpi (sharpness) and additional work is required. An image at 300 dpi and up is prefered.

The image processing fee is only $10.00 added to whatever product you want engraved. You are charged this fee only once, regardless of how many products you use it on.

Look over the sign products offered on this site and you can imagine how your image will look. In fact, you will be provided a PROOF reflecting the finished product for your approval. Only when approved, do we ask for payment and proceed with the work.

Since this is such a custom project, we require direct communication through email to complete your order.

With over 40 years graphic experience plus several years in event planning and award buying,
we offer knowledgeable as well as personal service.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us. If you don't see it, please ask.

Phone: 623-703-6068

We are 'open' from 8a to 5p Pacific Time